Thursday, December 30, 2010

Visit to Toronto

Day: 30th December 2010. City: Toronto. Weather: Not too cold, not too windy, perfect for an outing, but way too overcast for good outdoor photography. Armed with my trusty Sony A100 and associated gear, I set off on my first visit to the provincial capital of Ontario, which is also Canada's largest city.

I was absolutely awed and amazed by Toronto's subway system (probably because this is the first I've ever traveled in). So fast! Just like in the movies! Now I know how Spiderman fights in subway tunnels! And how villains slip in without people noticing!
The Amazing Underground!

Inside Eaton Mall
My friend, who was showing me around Toronto, unfortunately had some business to attend to, so most of the afternoon (read: daylight) was spent indoors in a non-scenic, uninteresting environment. By the time we made our way to Eaton Mall, it was already beginning to get dark...

Grabbed a few shots of the inside of the mall... I have to admit, I am starting to find all these malls quite boring. Same things for sale, ridiculous prices in many cases... And where there is a Boxing Day sale, people are buying like there is no tomorrow!!

Street at twilight

Outside the mall, at dusk... Nice, colorful lights up and down the street... Here I wished for a tripod which should magically appear when I need it, and disappear when I don't... Nevertheless, got some neat shots...

Walking for hours takes its toll on humans, so naturally, we were hungry! Veggie Pizza never tasted better! After an early dinner, we made our way to FutureShop... played around with the anorexic MacBook Air (opening the lid once closed is NOT easy... Steve Jobs, here's a design flaw for you to consider!), tried our hands at a few of the cameras on display, and maneuvered our way through a mass of crazies intent on buying SOMETHING!

My A100 apparently got jealous of the big, beautiful A900 (and its lesser sibling, the A850) on display in Sony Style (at a faint-inducing price!)... It decided to grab my attention by taking a fall (from very low height, thankfully) while I was adjusting my backpack and jacket... I hope everything's okay... the camera seems to be shooting fine, for now...

Note for PHOTOGRAPHERS: While on the topic of Sony... I did not like the EVF of the A55, no matter what anyone says. Period. More in-depth discussion on this in a later post...

By the end of the day, I felt as if there is (obviously) a lot more to Toronto than what I saw... Plan to come back sometime again...

Enjoyed every minute of the subway ride on the way back home (Hope they initiate that Waterloo train-subway thingy project that is being talked about...)

That's it for today, folks...


  1. MAN.. awesome Blog !!! You totally pulled it off. CONGRATS. :)

  2. Thanks a lot!

    How's the writing style? I'd like to know from readers since my style tends to change from day-to-day, article to article...

  3. so far great goings but try to be a little less formal.... in my opinion blogging style should be more extempo (u need not necessary agree to this !) u seem a little too refined and delibrate.... but nonetheless it was a nice read :) Keep it up

  4. Thanks for the input... will try and work on it... :)