About Me

Finally, I figured out a few lines to insert here... Yay!

I'm currently a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. I used to be in Actuarial Science, but found it too boring, so I switched my program sometime in my second year.

I have had a number of interests/hobbies over the years, currently, active interests include photography, cooking and the occasional puzzle solving through coding. When I'm absolutely bored and my workload permits, depending on the time of day and the weather, I may choose to go outside for a walk with my camera, or play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

I also avidly follow the latest tech developments (primarily through Twitter) - and as far as the Apple versus Android wars go, I remain firmly planted on No-Man's Land. The two gadgets I'm really looking forward to seeing in action are Google Glass and Myo. I am really interested in seeing how far human-computer interaction will go before the line between human and cyborg starts to blur...

I also adore cats and love chocolate - I don't suppose there is a correlation, is there?

Random web Sites I usually frequent to pass time / procrastinate:
Digital Photography Review

And if anyone's interested, I have a few snippets of Python code on GitHub, nothing extraordinary, just scripts and functions I wrote/copied & modified to solve a variety of problems I've faced (mostly in my academic courses).

This blog started off as a diary of sorts, but it has evolved (partly due to my laziness in updating, and partly due to my desire to just write about stuff) - currently, it also contains ideas I wish to express about photography, and also includes a section where I document my (successful) experiments in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, this is me, enjoying chocolate ice cream at Coldstone:

I am generally pretty easy to get hold of, at least electronically, via email [oosidat at gmail dot com], Facebook, or for professional connections, LinkedIn.